I am a current college student and am for the most part secretly in love with anime and manga's especially yuri genre. Only my two closest friends know that I like these kind of things. I'm not sure why I hide it but most of my other friends would definitely be shocked if they found out.

Occasionally I like to draw some anime characters so maybe I'll put some fanart every now and then. :)

I hate saying it because I don't like the way it sounds, but I am still in the closet about my sexuality. While I may like girls, I have yet to meet that right one. So, until I find that one that will make me jump out of my comfort zone I plan to stay locked in the closet, so to speak.

Only you who view this profile know this about me. This is also why I will never give out my real identity I would like this page to stay purely as my love for yuri and an occasional ranting or two from myself. So, if you follow my page, I'm glad. I hope you enjoy all the yuri pictures I'll be posting and, I don't mind if people give feedback on some of the things I post, so don't be shy! :D


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